Workshops for schools / youth groups

The schall and rauch agency offers workshops for school classes, youth groups, festivals and for adult education groups. The programme includes dance, games, performance, music and theatrical improvisation techniques. We also offer discussion and analysis of our own works, both before and after seeing the performance.
Here you find the different workshops we offer. We can, on request, develop individual workshops that cater to a specific group's individual needs. Such is the case when we guide theatre projects at various schools.

Occasionally there are schools classes that wish to experience the “process of creation” that gives rise to a piece of work over a longer period of time. A class from the Mittelschule Perchtoldsdorf, for example, witnessed the development of “My Toaster Has Just Gone Nuts” through workshops, open rehearsals, interviews, conversations and live performances.

Enquiries to:
Mona Wahba