Special Offer &
I have a dream

"I believe in angels
Something good in everything I see"

Dezember 2005 l Dezember 2006 l TQW rent an angel

The schallundrauch agency has, on two occasions, taken part in the Tanzquartier's pre-Christmas event „rent an angel“. Families and companies can rent the agency – as their very on Christmas angel. The performances „Special Offer“ and „I Have a Dream“ took place in various living-rooms, restaurants and at company festivities.
The pieces are interactive and a mixture of dance, speech, music, Christmas decorations and subtitles.

Special Offer

„Special Offer“ is a performance that deals with the ever-increasing loss of meaning and true value in an age where everything has a price. The perfection and wholesomeness of the angels we know and love so well stands in stark contrast to the unwholesomeness of our special offer. As special-service angels we bring to you, in the comfort of your own home, the true and original mission of heaven's messengers.

A sample from our less-than-perfect offering:

- We are there for you - always
- We take the weight of the world from your shoulders
- We reveal to you how much of an angel you really are
- We sing, rejoice and “google” with festive joy
- We provide an antidote to excessive Christmas sentimentality
- We dance to your tune
- Wir angeln
- We deliver messages – heavenly or otherwise
- For only a small extra price we appear in your dreams!

Concept and Performance: Janina Sollmann und Gabriele Wappel
Performed at various Christmas festivities, 2005.

I have a dream

In the sweetness and magic of advent two angels appear to you in a dream and present you with the all-important question: „How much Christmas kitsch can you bear to have in your living-room?”
And if you have already been defeated by the avalanche of sentimentality, the schallundrauch agency is there to save you. We give you the chance to re-write and record your own version of ABBA's „I Have a Dream“

Concept and Performance: Harald Sickha und Janina Sollmann
Performed at various Christmas festivities, 2006