Cigarette Break

A piece about addiction and a search, a self-experiment

Dance, theater and performance, from 12 years up

Duration: 55 min, no breaks included

Dates at Dschungel Wien:

Tue, 04. Dezembre 2018, 10:30
Wed, 05. Dezembre 2018, 10:30
Thu, 06. Dezembre 2018, 10:30 + 19:00
Fri, 07. Dezembre 2018, 19:00

What if we were to take a break from smoking, stare at the ashes and wait to see whether a phoenix rises from them? When I was ten-years-old I hid my dad's cigarettes because they're unhealthy. When I was twelve I secretly smoked at the open-air pool and I felt sick. As Ernst Jandl says: "I am free and I feel sick". Now I've been smoking for more than half my life. I don't feel sick anymore, but am I free? I read about a man who on his fortieth birthday decided to take a "cigarette break" till his eightieth birthday. I can do that, I say to myself... The schallundrauch agency takes a deeper look into the phenomenon of addiction and goes on a journey from experiment to craving and back. We dance and sing, we tell of our habits and addictions, we are perfect and flawed, we are hung over, jolly and thoughtful, we stare at our mobiles, look into each other’s eyes and clean up.

By and with: Gabriele Wappel, Janina Sollmann, Elina Lautamäki, Marco Payer, Frans Poelstra, Sara Wilnauer, Sebastian Radon, Agnes Blumenschein, Silvia Auer, Anna Panzenberger, Valerie Schandl, Martin Wax, Jasmin Strauß-Aigner, Momo Maresch

With the support of: Stadt Wien and Bundeskanzleramt Österreich

Thanks to: Oberbank

Dschungel Wien

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