The Oracle of schallundrauch

Theatre/Dance/Performance/Music | 8+

Can we swap our star signs, when they don´t fit? How do tea leaves dance and can we read our palms ourself?And additionnally and primarily: what´s going to happen with ourselves and with the world? The answer to all these questions gives: Friederike von Delphi, the oracle of schallundrauch. The Oracle of schallundrauch is a contemporary play for children from 8 to 12 about prophecies, superstition and visions of the future. We dance, make music, perform and celebrate today, tomorrow and the day after tomorrow.

Cast & Crew:
direction: Gabriele Wappel
play development, music, performance: Laurentius Rainer, Janina Sollmann
scenario technique, lightdesign: Silvia Auer
stage design: Michael Haller
construction of the oracle machines: Markus Grum, Patrick Kienast, Philipp Voglmüller
costumes: Anna Panzenberger
dramaturgical guidance: Frans Poelstra
assistant direction: Berivan Sayici
production, PR: Eva-Maria Forstner
Workshops: Harald Sickha, Mona Wahba
shaman guidance: Herwig Steinhuber

Link: Begleitmaterial für LehrerInnen
Link: Pressemappe - Das Orakel von schallundrauch - PDF