By Train

dance, theatre and performance with live music
45 min. | 4+

Dates at "Luaga und Losna" / Vorarlberg:
Thu, 5. September 2019 at 17:00

What are my feet good for? For walking, running and tripping and to climb out of bed with. For getting on a train, or into a car and for riding a bike; for filling socks and for mixing up left and right. But the most wonderful thing that feet are good for is: dancing! That's when I roll, rock back and forth, jump, fall and spin myself around.
My feet! In a headstand they are above me, in the train I play with my toes and when I get tired – the best thing is they carry me home.

The schallundrauch agency invites children from the age of 4 and their families to visit the lively theatre piece „By Train“. It won't be just a train ride, but also a car, bike and skateboard ride. We will roll, carry and fly. And last but not least: we will dance, play music and tell stories.

Dschungel Wien

Cast & Crew:
Stage direction/artistic direction: Janina Sollmann
Performance/piece development: Gabriele Wappel, Sebastian Radon, René Friesacher, Martin Wax, Jules Mekontchou
Light design and technical direction: Silvia Auer
Costumes: Anna Panzenberger
Stage direction assistance: Katharina Jetschgo
Photos: Berivan Sayici, Anna Panzenberger
Workshops: Mona Wahba, Ulla Steyrleuthner
Production management: Ulla Steyrleuthner
Press and PR: Elisa N. Weingartner

Supported by: Stadt Wien
Thanks to: Oberbank || terra incognita