Giraffes hum

A performance for 6 to 15 months old babies
crawling on stage | 30 min.

Thu, 15. Novembre 2018, 11:00, 14:00 and 16:00

The whole world is a giraffe. The table in the living room, the legs of a chair, the oven, the kitchen lamp, the baby´s changing table, mum and dad – everyone and everything giraffes. They all are extremely tall and it´s certainly incredible exciting being so high above. My neck is going to become as long as the neck of a giraffe and I want to see, to touch and to taste everything. Giraffes eat leaves and branches. They fall down from a height of two metres when they are born. They are able to run after a few hours and are fed by mother giraffe for eight months. And did you know? Giraffes hum when they are talking. Do they tell each other stories or are they in pain? Are they hungry or are they bored? Are they longing to see something? What for?

Lesofantenfest at Hauptbücherei Wien

Cast & Crew:
Stage direction/artistic direction: Janina Sollmann
Artistic advice: Gabriele Wappel
Performance: Jules Mekontchou, Michael Haller, Una Wiplinger
Floor installation and stage design: Dorli Mayer
Stage and light design, technical direction: Silvia Auer
Costume: Anna Panzenberger
Dramaturgical advice: Frans Poelstra
Stage direction assistance: Victoria Philipp
Stage design assistance: Martina Nagl
Press and PR, Production: Jasmin Strauß-Aigner

Supported by: Stadt Wien
Thanks to: Oberbank