Da Saund of Music

Ab in die Berge. Climb every mountain!
Contemporary theater / dance / music for people 13 and over

Where do I come from? Where do I go? The schallundrauchs investigate their roots, diving into homeland feelings, shame and patriotism. They follow the footsteps of their ancestors, explore the grouchiness of the Viennese, and the perilous paths of the Stadtpark. They rummage through their attics and look into cobwebbed photo albums, they read Bernhard, Welsh and Rosegger. On youtube they find Ösi Bua as a typical Austrian. They join the Japanese tourists to a Strauss concert, the Americans to a Heurigen and like everybody they watch the movie 'The sound of music'. Only then do they realize that they must turn to the mountains and ask an edelweiss…

Following the STELLA-winning performance piece “6”, the schallundrauch agency once again draws from personal feelings and autobiographical stories to present a piece about their roots and their home country.

'Da saund of music' is a performance full of dance, music and stories for youngsters from 13 years old. A research team seeks, on the basis of an exemplary family, to understand the Austrian culture. The history of the family, which has its roots in the Austrian Alps, is traced back to the beginning of the 20th century. Favourite children and black sheep come into the picture, dreams are recalled, the relationship with Czechia continues to play a role and also the budgie has something to say…

Künstlerische Leitung: Janina Sollmann, Gabriele Wappel
Stückentwicklung und Performance: Gabriele Wappel, Michael Haller, Marco Payer, Janina Sollmann, Šimon Voseček
Bühne: Michael Haller
Kostüme und Ausstattung: Anna Panzenberger
Lichtdesign und technische Leitung: Silvia Auer
Musikalische Leitung: Šimon Voseček
Künstlerische Beratung: Frans Poelstra
Video: Thomas Weilharter, Kajetan Uranitsch, SchülerInnen des BORG Eisenerz, des BG/BRG Rosasgasse und BG/BRG Purkersdorf
Presse und Produktion: Katharina Semlitsch, Daniela Seeber

Mit Unterstützung von: Stadt Wien, bmukk
Dank an: JUFA, Oberbank


Link: Begleitmaterial für LehrerInnen
Link: Pressemappe - Da Saund of Music - PDF