! Winner of the Stella-Award 2012 !

„An evening performance that comes to the point about the most beautiful thing in the world...“
Dance/Performance, 60 min, for 14 years +

The sexual activity of today's youth is a hotly debated topic.
6 shows the conventional and the wild sides of sexuality where Lotte and Werther come together, Dr. Ruth blushes and satyrs tap-dance. Above all, this piece is about one thing: pleasure!

Artistic direction and performance: Gabriele Wappel und Janina Sollmann
Play development and performance: Michael Haller, Verena Pruka, Kajetan Uranitsch, Janina Sollmann, Gabriele Wappel
Play development: Oneka von Schrader
Stage design: Michael Haller Technical direction und lighting: : Silvia Auer
Dramaturgical coach: Frans Poelstra
Sexual therapeutic coach: Sandra Gathmann, Carina Kober
production, PR: Eva-Maria Forstner

With friendly support of: Stadt Wien
Special thanks to: Dschungel Wien | MQ | Wien Kultur | condomi | Frisches vom Bauern.at | JUFA | Liliput-Bahn | Liebenswert | Vienna Paint